betty has arrived!

  1. I've just changed my ID because of personal issue. :smile: actually, didn't know how to change so re-registered. and now... I have no idea how to close my old ID. :confused1: anyway, I'd like to share my first new chloe with you ladies.
    Large betty in ivory. I like it a lot, as you said, it looks very cool. and today I saw aubergine at Net-A-Porter at half price and... purchased it without any thought. My husband will be angry, if he knows about this. :sweatdrop: After I bought it, I said "you always love me, no matter what I've done. huh?" He doesn't know what that means until now, but will know tomorrow. :graucho:

    I can't attach my pics cuz the file is bigger than limit. so pic from BG.

    see my avatar! ^^ that's my girl.
  2. Oooh!!! Congrats!!! I have a Betty in Ivory too and it is so much fun! Post pics when they arrive!!!

    EDIT: Oops... I see your Betty in your avatar but where are the pics of the Aubergine?
  3. You need to request permission from an Administrator (Vlad or Megs) to change your id. Having more than one identity on the PF is strictly prohibited. So everyone, please re-read the rules, and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to PM me!!! Thank you!
  4. I'll post aubergine pics tomorrow. ^^ you have ivory betty? wow~ I've never seen anyone who carries ivory betty. maybe it's fall/winter season. I'd love to carry her for school. it's kind of heavy with few books, though.
  5. Hi Jag, I send PM to close my old ID. Thank you for informing me about this. ^^
  6. Congrats kay05!!!! :yahoo: I love how it looks in your avatar!!! Can't wait to see pics of your aubergine paddy!!! :love:
  7. No problem:flowers: ANd love your Betty! It is really beautiful!!!:heart:
  8. Congrats kay05, it looks beautiful..!! Gorgeous colour, oh I cant wait to see group picture when aubergine has arrived :love:

    Edit/ ..Hehee I know what your going thru with your husband..!! I have promised to my BF save money and still I keep carrying new bags home every now and then :shame:
  9. Oh! It's so beautiful! Lovely! Tell me,is the large betty really that large? Maybe you could post a photo of her with you for size reference?
  10. BEAUTY!!! :heart: I have a cream Paddy and I think the warm white bags are so elegant for fall/winter.
  11. Audrey, Jag, sonja,ver1982, kitskats~ Thank you all! :smile:
    I was waiting for my paddy all day long and I tracked my package and it says "attempted delivery" WHAT? it never come today. I've checked with doorman and he said it never come. so, called DHL. I can pick it up if the driver(I think he/she went somewhere else to enjoy him/herself.) come back to the station before 9 tonight. I need to call one hour later for cheking the driver. I think I better pick it up myself cuz I can't believe that driver. If second attempt is failed, it may go back to" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter store. I was almost excited getting paady, now tired tired...
  12. congrats on the betty! i am so glad you like it (i've been carrying mine the last few days and am falling in love all over again) and the ivory color is so lovely...and good luck with the delivery!

    p.s. ver1982...i posted a photo of myself with a large in the reference section if you want to check that out for size info
  13. congrats on your new Betty! I love the Ivory. I have the large chocolate one and I carry quite often. I love it! enjoy your new bag!
  14. we don't allow one person to have 2 IDs, you need to PM Vlad and let him know what your other screenname is so he can take care of it please.
  15. thanks nycmom and annabelle. and Swanky~! I already did. :smile: thanks for informing me, though.