Betty experts please - need help, does anybody know this betty style?

  1. Hi there,

    I need help with a special betty style.

    Does anybody know the betty bag with 2 large pockets (one on each side of the bag), and a zipper compartment in the bottom? (The zipper here nearly opens the complete bottom of the bag)

    The style of the bottom is quite similar to the paddington zippy bowler, with the large compartment underneath.

    It´s a bit larger than the betty medium size, in my opinion.

    I was told it was a SS06 (or FW06 ?) bag, as it hasn´t rings and no lock closure, the zipper with leather tag only.

    Does anybody know more about this type of betty please? :confused1:

    I´m quite confused since I only know bettys with 4 single pockets, or 2 single + 1 large pocket, but nothing! about a betty with a compartment in the bottom....:confused1: and one large pocket on each side...

    Thanks so much!! :rolleyes:
  2. I'm not an expert but I do know the Betty you are talking about :yes:

    The only version I saw was the python skin version and I saw it on sale in Harvey Nichols, London a few weeks ago now. You are right - it is in between the small size (with the two pockets on each side) and the old/first season medium with two pockets on one side and one long pocket on the other.

    Does this help at all? Have you just bought one?
  3. Hi, thank you, yes, this helps a bit, since I now know chloe made this style at all.... :rolleyes:

    But - I have the medium betty in tan, and this one is bigger than my medium betty.

    It is correct that some chloe bags (bettys) have those YKK zippers, and some haven´t, isn´t it?

    And there are bettys with lock closure, and bettys with zipper (and leather tag to pull) only, am I right?

    It´s quite confusing...:sad:
  4. The first season Betty's had gold rings and gold lock/zip puller closure. Then Chloe did a season of Betty's with no gold rings on the zip pulls and leather tab to pull the main zipper. Then they went back to having gold rings on the zippers but kept the leather tab main zipper pull....they changed the Betty hardware from season to season basically and it's all quite confusing.

    Size wise see my pics below. I have the first season Medium Betty in Chhocolate (SS06 I think) and the last season Small Betty (SS07) in Fox :heart: I also have a Python Betty in Camel Python (SS07) - small size too. The python Betty I was talking about in my last post was bigger than my two small Betty's but not as big as my Medium. confusing! lol!

    Does this give you any more help? I can't tell you about the zippers but hopefully a real expert can chime in :flowers:



  5. OOOOOOHHH - these are your bettys???

    I often saw the pics here at the chloe forum, and I always thought "such beauties" !!!

    Congrats, they´re great!!!

    AHM - sorry, I forgot - how can I put some pics here in my posts? :crybaby:

    So sorry, I already did this before, but a long time ago and I think I forgot how to do this.....:sad:
  6. I have the summer 2006 accessories collection book and this Betty you are talking about is shown there in black python and dark brown python (6E441). Chloe lists the name as: Medium sized Betty handbag with 3 pockets & zipped bottom. That's a mouthful! :nuts:

    It is larger than the medium sized Betty like you stated. I personally love the size, but opted for the larger Betty for travel and the smaller Betty for regular use. I really liked the zipped bottom idea, but after considering it, I didn't know what I'd ever put in there so it seemed like a waste of space for my needs. :confused1: