Betty Experts Please Help!

  1. I've been desperatley looking for a Betty and I started calling all the Last Call stores and I think I finally found one, but she said the price tag said it was orginally $1500 or $1550. She said it's medium brown leather and it has the coin purse attached to it. Are there any other Chloe bags that come with the coin purse? I know the large is $1800 so could this possibly be a medium? Thanks!
  2. The price quote that she gave you sounds like the medium. The medium also has a coin purse attached.
  3. I have a large and wish that I had bought a medium instead.
  4. don't all bettys come with a coin purse? i have a small and a betty shopper and they both had it.
  5. I would ask for dimensions just to make sure, it sounds like a medium, but if it is at Last Call, there could be a price discrepancy with the original retail (tag lost, etc.). All Betty's come with a coin purse attached (I've owned 4 and all 4 had them).