Betty Experts Needed!!!

  1. I have 3 Betty hobos, one in the Chamois color, one in Black, and one in Cobalt Blue...Two were purchased at, so I know they are authentic, and the Cobalt one was purchased on eBay and authenticated here. I love all 3, but I now have a question about the leather.

    The reason I am writing now, is that yesterday I posted about purchasing a Patent Betty satch with a chain. Most people said the Betty's with the chains were heavy, but one person posted that it was the Betty Totes with the chains that were heavy, not the Satchel that I was interested in.

    I was then curious if there were 2 different types of leather used for different bags, as my 3 Bettys are all extremely lightweight, (they are the hobos without the chain, like the picture below). I looked at a number of pictures on eBay, and in the archives, and it looks like the leather on the older Bettys was thicker. When I purchased them from, they did have two in Black, one in calf leather, and one in goat leather, with the goat leather one being $400 more, so I opted for the calf leather. Now I am wondering if there really was a choice.

    Can anyone shed light on this!

    Thank you!!!

  2. I do believe there are different leathers used. My large black Betty is a heavier leather (or seems to be), it also has the additional hardware, locking zipper, etc. My large gray Betty is much lighter, but was a later date Betty. I also have 2 patent Betty's, a tote (also has the zipper lock) and the chain hobo style. The tote seems to be heavier. I believe the earlier styles had a heavier leather.
    In reference to the Betty chain hobo, and the Betty double chain tote. The thing that I noticed made the difference was the double chain made it heavier, and the bag was a tote style, so it was much larger.
    Hope this helps.
  3. llson:

    Thank you so much. Your response was exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate it much.....
  4. ditto. the leather on my large betty shopper is heavier than the leather on my small regular betty, and also a bit stiffer though it softened with use.