Betty Crocker's Warm Delights

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  1. O...M...G!!! Do u guys have these in your grocery stores? They are so FREAKIN good!!:yahoo:I've tried the chocolate cake, the lemon swirl cake, and the cinnamon spice cake. U guys must try them ASAP!!
  2. I tried the mini @ 150 calories. The larger ones were crazy high in fat and calories. But they are so good. I cant buy them....because I can eat them ALLL!!!!!!!!!
  3. LOL...they have mini ones now??!! Which ones have u tried? I believe they have a few different ones that just came out.
  4. i only tried the mini chocolate ones. omfg they are good. I am doing NO carbs right now and that is my once a week splurge. Needless to say my eyes roll back in my head! LOL
  5. I've seen them on advertised on the TV, but wasn't sure how much I would enjoy them. I'm a made from scratch bakery snob. But the reviews are tempting, me. And yeah, I would stick with the mini, cause I can only imagine how much the regulars are!