Betty came out today for the 1st time. Yay love her!

  1. & Just love her!
    It's comfy on the arm or over the shoulder. Here's a pic. Excuse the horrible photo :yes:
    betty back small.JPG me & betty.JPG Betty front small.JPG
  2. Very nice! Are you going to use the Betty as a handbag or tote?
  3. It's not that big. Handbag. Not sure what you mean by tote??
  4. Z & G, I am going to pick up my ivory betty from Nordstroms in a few hours. I am so glad you said it is comfortable on the shoulder and arm as I was a little worried about that.
    Your new bag looks great on you!
  5. Love the color. Looks great on you!
  6. Congrats. You cannot beat the feeling of the very first time you take a new bag out for walkies :biggrin:

    It looks fabulous. Enjoy carrying Betty about ;)