Betty arrived today from Nordstrom! My first Chloe

  1. I'm so excited!!! I just got my very first Chloe. :yahoo: I have been in love with the Betty satchel since the very first time I saw her. The thing is I always thought the large was too big and the small was too small. To this day I have never seen the mysterious and elusive medium Betty satchel IRL. That is what I really want and dream about. When the summer sales started, I called everywhere in a desperate search for a medium but never found it. A helpful TPFer helped me find a SA that located this for me.
    Although it isn't exactly what I was looking for, this deal was just too good to pass up. I haven't decided if I will keep her but I'm really leaning toward keeping her. I'm afraid it may be too big and too flashy with the large size, shiny patent and lots of hardware. I'm afraid it might be too trendy and not wearable in 2 or so years. The only way she goes back is if multiple people I trust tell me I should give her up. I was thinking of posting pics in the regular forum to get non-biased opinions. What do you guys think? Keep or return? :wondering
    Chloe Betty 06001.jpg Chloe Betty 06002.jpg Chloe Betty 06003.jpg
  2. I will be honest, because I only expect the same from others :yes: Based on your words alone you should send this one back. Don't get me wrong, this patent Betty is a gorgeous and *hot* bag, but I can tell that you already know deep down it's not for you. :nogood:

    I believe that your very first Chloe bag should make you do somersaults and backflips... and it sounds like you're settling for second best. :sad: So you should go ahead and get the leather Betty that you've had your heart set on. Chloe's leather is what I absolutely love... and the shiny patent might limit you to formal/work/dressy occasions. Even if you hold on to this patent Betty (for as long as the receipt will allow) so you can compare it to a leather Betty. Then decide!
  3. I saw this bag recently at the Nordstrom sale, and it is absolutely gorgeous! :tup: I personally would keep the bag because it is a special style and the patent leather is not too over-the-top flashy. I generally don't like patent leather because it is just too much, but I must admit this Betty looks very nice with patent. I suggest you sleep on it, because once you return it, you probably can't get another one with the same price!
  4. I agree with GyrlLayney. Compare this to a regular leather Betty and decide which one you like better. Even though we come across a really good deal on a handbag, it's not a good deal unless we absolutely love the bag and will use it for many years to come.
  5. I love the Betty bag. I have the small Betty in Whiskey & love it. I do agree, though, if you aren't totally in love send it back & wait until you find the perfect one for you.
  6. I think you should send it back if you're not loving it. I don't think it's a classic looking bag, so if that's what you're looking for this probably isn't it. (Not that I have anything against non-classic bags, but I don't know what you're looking for.)
  7. Send it directly to ME! :graucho: Gorgeous!
  8. You guys are awesome! OK, I decided to order the smooth leather from NAP. I'll decide which to keep when I have them both.
    You guys are right, I am settling. I really want the medium Betty but I feel like I may never find one in a store. I won't buy from eBay or bluefly. I'm still too scared. But at the same time, I don't want to give up on owning a Betty satchel since I love the style SO MUCH! I've decided to go ahead and keep one. So yes, I am settling but I'm ok with it. I guess the real question now is what to settle on. Do I keep the patent for a GREAT price ($711) or smooth leather which I like a little bit more for considerably more $$ ($942)?
    Thanks for the input. It may not seem like it but you guys actually really helped me.
    Oh, and neverenoughhandbags, I started a thread related to returns of sale bags in the Chloe shopping sub forum. If you are really interested, I will certainly be posting if I decide to return the patent Betty. I'll post where and when I will be returning it. That way if you want to snag it you can call the Nordstrom I return it to and buy it yourself. ;)
    Thanks again you guys.
  9. HI lawchick, I think if you really love the regular leather, it is definately worth spending a bit more to get it. If you don't you will eventually regret it. I hve the regular leather blk betty chain satchel and it is gorgeous! I actually wanted the regular black betty in small size, but couldnt find one! Good luck with your decision!
  10. Beautiful....Congrats!
  11. I also agree with GyrlLayney that if you don't love it, it's not for you! I purchased a large betty in smooth brun leather sight unseen because I was also desperately looking for a betty and luckily for me, I love it!

    You're right that the medium is elusive - I'm still keeping an eye out whether I'll buy one or not
  12. congrats! i'd say keep it. it's lovely!
  13. i like it, keep her!!