Better way to make small Hug Me a shoulder bag

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  1. Ok, I might be a little crazy, but I've been experimenting all day ways to make the Hug Me function well as a shoulder bag. Obviously, on the small one, the rolled handles don't fit over the shoulder. Different ways I've been looping the messenger strap through the hardware would make the bag torque and look contorted. I think I finally got it down. If you loop the messenger strap through all 4 rings, the bag is perfectly balanced and makes for wearing the bag comfortably on the shoulder even with a winter coat while still maintaining the shape. Here are some pictures to explain what I mean.

    Hope this might be helpful for those who like shoulder bags as the design of this bag is really neat and versatile.

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  2. cute! and crafty:smile:

    i still wish there was a way to use the messenger strap while keeping the rolled handles down flat. it's not really that big deall, but i do wish there were a way!
  3. wow, thanks for posting, I'll have to try this out. The bag looks just great on your shoulder!
  4. Great idea Clu!!! Highly original. I'll have to try that with my Cappuccino Hug Me!
  5. Great idea! I think this works better aesthetically speaking than lengthening the handles. This way the bag keeps its shape and still looks good handheld:smile:
  6. Thanks for posting. It helps to see another way to use the messenger strap.
  7. Looks good on your shoulder. I'd might consider the small Hug Me if it could be worn on the shoulder. Really don't care to wear it messenger style, but I like this.
    BTW, your hug me is gorgeous.
  8. It looks really cute on you like that!
  9. You are so determined and creative - this is a clever tactic.
  10. Nice! ...and it works, just tried it !
  11. I'm getting out my strap and hug me and going to have a go later - so innovative!
  12. Thanks ladies. I know I probably sound obsessed about the shoulder bag thing, but I realized that I like the option of being able to wear a bag on the shoulders and now with this option, the Hug Me is just perfect.
  13. So, i just tried this out and I love it! it really is perfect, even with the handles a bit popped up.
  14. Great idea!! I will definately have to try this-I will say though over time my Hug Me's straps have stretched, so I can wear it on my shoulder now (snugly, yet comfortably). Thanks for posting this alternative option!
  15. Wonderful! I like how you think. It looks great on you.