better together!

  1. I made two discoveries!:tup:
    :drool:Ingredients that "exalt" each other:

    Salmon (sweet meals) and artchokes (bitter-metallic)
    figues and cinnamon
    A kiss!:heart:Steph.
  2. Oh, that sounds nice indeed! Yummy...
  3. Sounds interesting, I love Spinach with dried mint, it's just amazing, gives a whole new "fresh" taste to the spinach. (this is when I cook the frozen spinach, sauteed in butter or a bit of olive oil, seasoned and then a hint of mint, it goes on a puff pastry or bread dough topped with cheese and baked)
  4. chopped cilantro and iceberg lettuce (no dressing)
    I eat that together when I make chinese salt and pepper fried chicken:heart: