Better to check the outlet before Ebay!!

  1. So on my journey of finding a perfect keyfob/charm for my new bag, I came along countless keyfobs/charms going on eBay for SO much. I was just at the outlet today and saw this charm in a basket for 9.99!!! And in one auction it's up to almost 37.00 (not including shipping!!)


    If only they knew they could get it for much much less..:push:

    I would adore this charm if it came in silver hardware!!!:cursing:
  2. i couldn't find it at the boutique. but i did find one in red/pink/white shades. :biggrin:
  3. i'd rarely or never buy charms/fobs/anything small on eBay...they are always horribly overpriced and mostly fake!
  4. really? do u have a pic by chance?! would love to see it :p
  5. that's a cute one..
    I always get keyfobs at outlets or at boutique with PCE 25% off
  6. If you can get to an outlet it does seem like the deals are better!
  7. THAT IS SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! And a great price :smile:
  8. When people sell items they have to add in listing fees, final value fees and paypal fees. Plus a few bucks for profit. That is why it costs more to buy a keyfob or charm on eBay.
  9. wow...great find!!
  10. I have to buy from ebay. Some of us dont have a choice. The outlet is 2.5 hours a way and with gas at almost $3 a gallon its cheaper.
  11. That's so great -- that's how I got my blue patchwork flower charm, too!
  12. I totally agree.. by the time you add gas, time, and then ebay and paypal fees it does cost more.. it's not like the people can just sell it for $10.. they would lose money. I also live further from an outlet so if you factor in everything usually ebay is a great option. :tup:
  13. That's a great deal.....It's $24.99 at my outlet and they have had them for a while already!
  14. very cute! Can't beat the price!
  15. I have that charm and I LOVE it. It matches everything!!!I have it on a soho with silver hardware and it looks fine!!