Better to buy from Balenciaga or should I get what I want from Neiman Marcus?

  1. Hi ladies! I am torn on where to buy my first new Balenciaga bag from. Now that I have all the bags from the past seasons I have wanted, I am really looking forward to buying new bags. I have mentioned that I am getting a French Blue Matelasse, but I am now torn on where to get it from. The very bag that I first fell in love with in Beverly's Neiman Marcus thread is being sent to the Neiman Marucs store near me. I also have one being held at Bal, NY for me. I wanted to see if I could see it in person first, but I don't know what to do if I love it when I see it at Neiman's. Of course it would be great to have it right away if I do love it when I see it, but I also would like to get established as a loyal customer at Balenciaga, NY. What should I do?
  2. its a tough one..... I think it depends as obviously you could return it to NM if you got it home and then hated it as such as BalNY has a strict exchange policy. The only way to please both ways is to see the one at NM and then buy from BalNy although its a little cheeky!!! I like dealing with BalNY and buy from them often even though I am in the uk as I have a great SA!
  3. Hey Deana,
    There is so much variation in leather on the bags these days that I would recommend getting a bag that you can return if the leather is not to your satisfaction.
  4. Hey there. Did you hear the good news?

    "I was shopping at NM Newport Beach and they had just received a HUGE shipment of Balenciagas! They're suppposed to start carrying Balenciagas starting this fall, but they received SO MUCH they're putting them out now. I saw CARTS full of Bbags. I haven't been in this subforum for months, so I'm not up to the current selection. If anyone is looking for something in particular, please call 949-759-1900 and ask for Nikolai in handbags and tell him Lynn sent you. He's really nice."

    I saw that in the "Stores that carry Balenciaga thread." Sorry to go off topic but I thought you'd like to know this. ;)
  5. One potential benefit of going through BalNY is that you won't have to pay tax since you are out of state.
  6. since leather variation is such a big issue in bal bags and you can't pick out the bag you like in person at bal NY, AND the fact that it's your first time buying there so you don't have a SA who is familiar with your leather preference, you can't be sure you'll like what you receive... the positive side of ordering from bal NY is that there is no tax, but you have to consider the shipping (and insurance amount) back and forth, if you have to do exchanges. that can add up, too...

    i'm a very impatient person when it comes to bags and enjoy the instant gratification of bringing my bag home the same day. so i would probably just buy at NM. but that's me...
    if you see it in person at NM and completely fall in love with the style, color, etc., and if you are confident that you'll be able to describe the exact leather texture that you want, AND if you can wait those agonizing 4-7 days shipping time, then go for bal NY. :p sounds like establishing a good relationship with bal NY is important to you. :smile:

    good luck and congrats on your excellent choice! :biggrin: FB matt bag sounds divine!!!
  7. The return policy of BalNY puts me off, but I know what you are saying about being able to see the bag before you buy. The Matelasse is not the goat leather though, so it's way more uniform, so it may not be an issue for this bag. BalNY will also send you pictures.

    It also depends on how impatient you are, if you order from BalNY, you have to wait to get it, instead of being able to take the baby home right away!!

    I wish you well,

  8. Chuggie that's why I buy from BalNY;)
  9. ITA, especially w/the matelasse. There is leather variations on this style. I looked at 3-4 black ones at NM, each one was unique.
  10. If it's really important to see it in person, go with NM, plus they have a great return policy.
    You can only make exchanges at BalNY, no refunds.
  11. NM has a better return policy, in case you change your mind!:yes:
  13. it sounds as if you decided to get it at NM - good choice!!! Bal NY has such a crappy return policy and it's way better to pick the bag out YOURSELF, even if you have the worlds best SA at Bal NY. YOU know what you like way better than someone who has a million people begging for their "special" attention.

    i know the idea of not paying tax is a real draw, but it's not worth the headache of sending a bag back and forth and never quite getting what you want and turning into a pain in the process. i'm speaking from experience here :smile:

    time = $$, so save your time and get it from NM! good luck ;)
  14. I'd much rather buy in person than have to order a bag. It's well worth the sales tax you would have to pay to be able to thoroughly examine the bag you want, rather then having to rely upon someone else.
  15. I totally agree with you. I would rather pay the sales tax and get the right leather. I had a good SA at BalNy and I still got some awful bags.