Better to buy at Gucci Store, Nordstrom, or Blommingdales?

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  1. I want to buy the marmont mini or small. This is my first bag over 1k so I want to plan it out! I probably wont buy another gucci bag this year I might get an LV in the summer.

    In my area I have 3 options:

    1. Buy the bag in person at the gucci store. 20 minute drive.

    2. Buy bag online from Nordstroms while using my Nordstrom credit card for points. May arrived with a crushed box.

    3. Buy bag in person at bloomingdales on my regular credit card. 5 minute drive.

    Does it even matter? If I buy it from Nordi can I still take it to the gucci at bloomingdales or gucci store for service/repairs?

    The Nordstroms in my area dont carry gucci in store.
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  2. I'd choose buying in person 5 minutes away at Bloomingdale's-they have same owner as Neiman Marcus-don't they all give points, except for stand alone Gucci store? Inspecting bag first should allieviate any possible disappointments.
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  3. Yes I would get credit card points only at Nordstroms because I dont have a bloomingdales card and I dont want to open up a new card either. I think I am leaning towards that as well.
  4. I would buy in person, from the Gucci store or Bloomingdale's.
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  5. I just found out I live near a gucci outlet. I doubt a popular style like the mini or small black marmont will be there but I want to check it out first. I think if that doesnt work out I will just go to bloomingdales or the boutique and buy in person.
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  6. My Marmont came from Nordstrom and it was in a plastic bag, and it didn’t come with a box. My disco came from the store (ordered online) and it came with a box.
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  7. I just bought a soho disco and got 10% back from ******. Got from Neimans online. No box but came with Gucci dust bag and bag was in perfect condition.
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  8. You got 10 percent back drom Neimens or your CC?
  9. I would prefer to buy in person or online from Gucci if the box is that important to you. When you buy from department stores it’s more of a 50/50 on getting the boxes. If you buy from department stores you can always take them to the store for repairs. I also recommend going to see them IRL to see how much you like it in person. You can think that you know what you want because of all the research you’ve done online in advance and once you see it IRL have a totally different feeling about it and want something else.
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  10. All Gucci’s in Bloomingdales are leased, so you’ll get the box along with the gucci shopping bag. So buy from Bloomingdales and gucci store is the same, but you can sign up for loyallist and get points at Bloomingdales.
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  11. Bloomingdales did not give me a box for my marmont a few years ago. I just purchased another marmont at neiman marcus(ship to store) & the box was damaged & the strap was completely bent & no box. If the box is a big deal to you then i’d go to gucci to ensure you receive one.
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  12. Gucci serves Prosecco… or champagne... Gucci gives the box, ribbon, tissue paper, dust bag... the other places gives you points... what matters most to you ? I dig the presentation of a nicely wrapped item from a luxury store especially at Gucci and the champagne doesn't hurt either. Plus my SA always puts a nice present in my bag, a look book, etc...
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  13. I bought my Gucci Marmont from the boutique inside Saks and it was given to me in a Gucci box, wrapped with ribbons and in a Gucci bag. I didn’t ask but I’m sure if you choose to purchase from one of the department stores you can just request that you be given a Gucci box.
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  14. Most of Gucci’s in Saks are leased.
  15. The nice thing about Saks though is that if you live in a state without one and have it shipped, you won't pay any sales tax.
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