Better to buy a $250 knock off Designer Dress or to spend $1000 on the REAL THING?

  1. This question has been plaguing me lately:

    Is it better to buy a look-alike designer item for $150-$200 or is it better to buy the real thing, on sale, for $700-$900? I loved the lace black on nude dresses from Dior last season, and noted that one was finally reduced to about $1000, yet recently I saw a dress very similar at Zara for $120. I just purcashed a dress at Bebe that looks just like a Gucci dress from last season for $250, yet when I take note that I could have the real thing for perhaps 5x that amount, I wonder -

    Is it better to buy the designers and to buy less clothes?
    Do designers charge too much anyway, and knock-offs are just as good?
    Are you embarrassed to have a dress from Bebe? But proud to have one from Gucci? Does it matter?
    Is a dress from Dior or Gucci a dress to be cherished forever? Or do the styles change so fast, and does clothes get ruined too easily, to shell out that kind of money for anything but handbags, shoes and jewels?

    Is $700 too much to spend on a Dior Blouse? Or is that a deal?

    How do you get the most fashion "BANG" for your buck?
  2. It depends of if the item is super trendy whether I'll spend the $$$$ on it. I'm getting to the point where I am particular about the quality of a garmet. If something is super trendy, like the ponchos that were so hot a few seasons ago, no, I didn't spend $$$ on one. I got a no name one from a chain store. I knew I'd only wear it a few times, think I ended up wearing it maybe 3 or 4 times.

    If its a cocktail dress of dress pants then yes I'll spend the money for good quailty.
  3. i think its all about the fit. If the fit is too gorgeous and you're pretty sure you won't get that same fit with anything else. then its a good investment.

    Maybe a classic dress that travels well. :smile:

    (btw, i'm only 23 and still can't buy too much expensive clothes and i haven't really found an irreplaceable classic designer piece thing in terms of clothes. But if i do, u betcha i will save my arse for it hehe)
  4. I think what you spend also depends on your lifestyle and budget, i.e. where will you be wearing the dress and if it costs more than your rent/mortgage then it seems silly for someone to spend that much on a dress - in my opinion. On the other hand, dresses tend to be a good investment because styles in evening clothes change more slowly than with casual clothing - at least generally.
  5. If I bought the knock-off, I would always wish I had bought the real thing. Having said that, it depends how "trendy" the item is. If it's going to be all over in a year, buy the knock-off!
  6. What items are not trendy? And if I purchased a wardrobe that was strictly classic, what would it look like, and would I be boring? Seems like most clothes, from the white shirt (ruffled for now) to the sweater (big and belted for now) to jeans (tight around the ankle for now) are trendy.
  7. well, for example, I would spend more $$ on straight-leg, or straight-leg bootcut jeans than skinny or baggy jeans.........

    I wouldn;t spend much (at all!) on a white ruffled shirt (in fact, I wouldn't buy one, but that's just me)........a classic, tailored one is what I would blow my $$ on (if you're prepared to keep it pristine!)

    Big, oversized sweaters are going to be so out soon, you'll be using them to line the dogs bed (LOL - j/k!).......classic, v-neck or round neck in cashmere or cashmere blend is $$$$ worthy........

    I don't think classic items are boring at all - they're CLASSIC, that's why they call them that!! hee, hee!! You can add less expensive trend-driven items to your classics safe in the knowledge the classics will never let you down, and you'll probably never look back at your photo albums and say "MY GOD!!! I can't believe I wore a classic, white tailored shirt!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!".

    Then again, perhaps you will................!
  8. And then there is the question:

    Is a classic white tailored shirt, a black pencil skirt, or a neutral cashmere sweater worth spending $1000+ on? Or are these items best done by the lower priced labels, because they are not special? If I am going to spend a lot of money on something, don't I want it too look expensive? Yet, inevitably, isn't it, if it is recognizable, trendy? Can't we look at a dress and say Versace Spring 06? Or does it matter?

    Also, is it worth spending a lot of money on a dress that looks very good on you and then wearing that dress to nearly every important occasion in our lives for the next two years? Or do we have to wear it once and then sigh, well, now everyone has seen it, that's that?
  9. if i want something truly special (evening dress cocktail dress embroidered coats etc ) i do designers as the details and the fabrics are just much more delicate. if i want caschmere i go to the best cashmere houses cause it is the quality that counts as a black turtleneck is a black turtleneck so no designer for me! if i want a staple that is automatically associated with a special designer (chanel tweed dolce corset dress classic burberry trenchcoat) i also go to the specific designer . but all my basics are tailored cause nothing can beat that . for fun tops (you know these things you wear once or two times)it is zara or mango or h&m all the way for me
    and no i do not think at all that a classic wardrobe is boring at all at least that is what it is for me. i do not need fashion to express that i am oh sooo individual or artsy or different cause i know that i am all that and even more even if i am nude thank you. i use fashion just to look the best that i can ;)
  10. I wouldn't quite call a dress from Zara a knock off. It's designer inspired! I think it's fine to go for the cheaper dress because you have to think of how much use you'll get out of it. I wouldn't mind spending $1000 on a designer coat but I think that's too much for a dress. Unless you absolutely cannot live without it, I think you'd be better off with the $250 dress.
  11. I'd get the one that fits the best. Usually the more expensive items fit better and the materials used are more luxe than the knock offs. Plus for me, the FIT determines whether or not it's worth it... not the designer. Last year, I spent a pretty penny on a goose down fur trimmed coat.... and the only reason I spent that much is because it fit me sooo perfectly and blended in w/ my wardrobe. Too perfect to pass up in fact.

    I tend to stay away from dresses, becuase it seems like there's only a few wears to them. But if it's for a special occasion, i'll go all out, even if it's for one time.

    I agree. I think that style shines through the person's personality. I wear the clothes, the clothes don't wear me.

    I tend to go towards contemporary designers for my everyday wardrobe.
  12. Up until the last 9 months or so,when the internet became ahead of the game as far as posting celeb pictures,I bought nearly every fashion mag in the store and would compare designers side by side. A lot of celebs wear H&M,and especially Bebe. If you have the body for it, the knockoff can look just as good as the real thing. But I have to agree,for a designer's signature,go to the designer,e.g. Dolce and Gabbana corsets,Cavalli animal prints, Chanel tweed,etc. I have a D&G corset skirt that is a classic staple in my wardrobe-I will keep it until it falls apart. I also have Michael Kors lace-up boots. They are also something I just wouldn't settle for the knockoffs of.
  13. I do what I see the fashion magazines always suggest-the cost per wear.

    If it's one $1,000 dress that you can only wear once, it's not really worth the money, but if it's something that is expensive & classic like a jacket or something that can be worn over and over again like the little black then it becomes worth it because each time you wear it, the cost balances out.
  14. i never want to spend more than 200$ for a cloth.
    i'd rather spend it on a 1000$ bags.
  15. It's all about your style and your budget IMO, I will spend more money
    on designer items that I love and will wear (whether it be skinny pants or an embellished top) and also more on good accessories, shoes and bags. Good quality accessories make almost any outfit look fantastic!