Better than Mulberry?

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  1. Check these out! Janet used to design for Mulberry. I love the Dolores and Ysobel in coral.

    Darn, if only I hadn't just bought 2 Balenciaga and a paddy <sigh>. Can someone buy one and takes pics so I can live vicariously through you?
    Cheers, Carolyn
  2. The Delores in suede reminds me of a Mickey Mouse ears cap. :P

    I prefer Mulberry.
  3. oh my god it does.
  4. I just looked at it again...and I still giggling....:lol:
  5. yuck
  6. The contents of a :girlwhack::girlwhack::girlwhack: Tart's Boudoir :tender::tispy::tispy:maybe.
  7. ooh I like the barbara!!!
  8. quite like the deloros but they do all kinda look like Marc Jacobs!?
  9. I like the Dolores in the petrol colour and the Barbara in oak/wheat colour (in the classical collection)!

    But no, not better than Mulberry:biggrin:
  10. My Lordie snowshoe .. what an old thread.

    Were you very bored this morning? :nuts:
  11. Lol, you must have been very bored :nuts:
    After checking the bags out i just think , "uh", nothing much, definately not better then Mulberry
  12. No no not better
  13. They look very ... plastic! :throwup:

  14. yes i was bored and seeing if i had missed anything :nuts: