Better pictures in ouside light of 08 Sahara and 08 Magenta

  1. :yahoo: here they are.... this is in the sunshine with no flash. Hope this helps!
  2. :drool:Thank you Annette. Great pics. Your magenta is TDF gorgeous. It's so saturated! The best I've seen so far. Also I love Sahara. It looks like a marriage of Greige and Mastic to me. Beautiful color and leather. I also really like the GSH on it. Great choices!! Pictures in natural light and sunlight show the bags true colors and don't wash them out. Good job.
  3. Oh, what wonderful colours, AnnnetteM. Your bags are just gorgeous. Thank you so much for posting. I am waiting to collect my Magenta City bag, which I'll pick up when Electric Blue arrives. I was a bit unsure - until I saw your bag in direct light. It's a great colour. Congrats on your lovely bags!
  4. more with it hanging![​IMG]
  5. I LOVE the color of your magenta. It's so good-looking; most of the magentas I've seen have been light and distressed. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL!
  6. your magenta is just FABULOUS!! Now I think Sahara may look more like a marriage of Natural and Mastic. It's gorgeous! A great neurtal!!
    Thank you very much. I have been waiting to get a really good look at Sahara
  7. wow.. those bags are gorgeous!! congrats and thanks for the pics!!
  8. Ooo LA LA... that magenta is PERFECT!!! It is different from the other pictures shown on here, i like this color a lot better...
  9. Gorgeous!! Your magenta is so vibrant! One of the best I've seen! The Sahara is quite stunning as well, can't wait to see one irl. Great Job on both! Enjoy them!
  10. wow the leather on that magenta looks amaaazing,,, i wish i could touch it!
  11. Beautiful colors!! Thanks for the pics!
  12. Thank you so much for the lovely pictures! I am really, really loving the sahara with silver hardware combo. Can't wait till I get my sahara giant hobo, till then I'll live vivaciously through yours!!
  13. Thank you so much for the pictures! Ooooh wow, Magenta is such a gorgeous color, I can't wait for mine!

    PS: I heard from BalNY that they aren't expecting any new shipments until after the New Year. :sad:
  14. Yes those are so lovely, I am not getting a magenta, though I am so
  15. Wow that pale magenta is really saturated and vibrant. I hope mine will be like that too instead of all the really pale ones we've seen so far! Congrats on your 2 new fab buys!