Better pics of Rouge Vif work I got!!! LOVE it >>>

  1. I have gone through alot of red bbags this summer, looking for the perfect red and now I find it. I have bought and sold, a grenat, 2 bordeauxs, 2 rouge theatres, 1 04 red first, 1 rouge vermillion. All in the search for a great red.

    I wanted to post better pics that best capture the colour since I find this red very hard to photograph and I realize now that one of the reasons I never persued this one earlier was because so many pics make it look more orange toned than it is. And I wanted a true blue based red bag.

    So imagine my suprise when I opened up my package to see this beauty staring back at me? The close up shots best represent the actual colour :yes:

    Also, the LEATHER is SICK!!! It literally feels like an 05. Its definitely like an older leather: soft, thick and just all round win. I was like this when I first touched and saw it:wtf: I was so shocked out how buttery the leather is.
    DSC05737.JPG DSC05743.JPG DSC05802.JPG DSC05742.JPG DSC05747.JPG
  2. A few more....

    I'll take modelling pics in the next day or two.
    DSC05801.JPG DSC05766.JPG DSC05800.JPG DSC05797.JPG
  3. Karenab, i have the same problem! Can't for the life of me get my rouge vifs to photograph in their true red color...always seem to look more washed out or orangey in the pics! Drives me nuts!--LOL!!!!
    Your work is gorgeous!
  4. ^^ Thank you!! It took alot of picture taking to finally get it as close as I could to the real thing so looking at my screen and looking at the bag next to me basically now looks the same.

    Reds are extremely hard to photograph though I've noticed. Had I known vif was such a true red and especially with this leather, I would have gone after it ages ago!!
  5. Beautiful, congrats! I love this red a lot!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Your Rouge Vif is GORGEOUS, karenab!!!! And in a Work style no less! Perfection!!
  8. stunning! congrats
  9. the color is fab...very rich..exactly the type of red i love...congrats!
  10. Your Work rocks !!!
    Rouge Vif is my fav Bal Red !!!
    Congrats !!
  11. :nuts:Wowweeeeee!
    Gorgeous Bbag!! Congrats!
    So glad you finally found your perfect red!:tup:
  12. karen wow, your bag is gorgeous. Can't wait for your modeling shots - you wear this style so well!
  13. gorgeous indeed! congrats again Karen!
  14. Thanks everyone for the really nice comments! Its a great red for sure.
  15. Love it. I'm not a fan of red lately, but this one makes me wanna buy one too. This is such an amazing color. So deep and rich.