Better Pics of my SGH Black Flat Clutch!!

  1. Okay I had to start a new thread because I love it so much!



  2. I still love it! I loved it with the first pics! Where did you get this? I just got an envelop clutch in Black GGH, though I love this with the wristlet and think that I need both!
  3. omg..i love it too! impasto, what a cute little clutch! the SGH really pops. :tup::heart:
  4. Thanks for sharing pics of your GSH clutch! It really looks great with the GSH.
  5. Great poictures, I love your new clutch, is TDF.
  6. great pictures! i love this clutch. everyone should get one of these.
  7. :nuts::drool:

    absolutely yummy!
  8. Yay! Sooo pretty and elegant. I love it!

    Is it comfy to carry and do you carry it on its own, around your wrist?
  9. This is so cute! I was impressed by how huge it was when I saw it in person. Wish they offered it in RH too, though...
  10. what a little cutie! i love it!
  11. Love it! :heart:Tried it on in Harvey Nichols this summer in Sienna SGH. Just got an envelope but like ROMIE-OMIE I kinda think I need both:shame:
  12. OMG, this is insanely cute!!!! I want one too!!! I adore the GSH and the wristlet!! Where did u pick up this treasure, impasto???

    Congrats, it's really soooooo pretty!!!
  13. :love: Oh~ I want one too!!!!! Congrats :woohoo:
  14. That is GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT!
  15. awesome pictures! it's beautiful!