Better PIC of the Trunk w/ 33 BAGS!

  1. :nuts:

  2. Wow! 33 Marilyn bags in different colors to match every mood or season. Amazing!
  3. I love the trunk all by itself.
  4. I think it will be more than the tribute bag.
  5. oh its like $200,000.00
  6. ouch! if i had that kind of dollars to *waste* i would :smile: im sure somebody well get one, no doubt Kimora Lee Simmons (sp?)
  7. holy cow!! thats too many bags of the same style!!

    I would love the trunk.
  8. :drool: :drool: Oh my goodness!! I want, I want, I want!! :drool: :drool:
  9. Nickkyvintage, Kimora Lee Simmons is exactly who I thought would get one! I totally want to raid her closet, she has everything and more. I also would spend the money on the trunk if I had it!
  10. If I had Kimora's money I would indulge in this trunk too!
  11. I saw an MC trunk the other day @ LV Lee Gardens in HK, it was soooo gorgeous!!
  12. Lovely trunk and bags! Thanks for sharing Matty!
  13. absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!

    wish i had the money...:true:
  14. if I had that money.........oh the places I would go
  15. I worry about the red shelf lining bleeding on the bags:wtf: :nuts: anybody know what is inside those drawers?? I would buy this in a minute, if I didn't have three kids to send off to college.