better pic of my new marc bag and my new marc sunglasses

  1. i just got these marc jacobs sunglasses I LOVE THEM they are so cute and my jazz bag mustard color this is a better picture of it. ITS CUTE
    yayayay.JPG my bag.JPG
  2. thats my baby in the picture hehehe little BON BON
  3. your bag, baby, and bangs...cute!
  4. That bag is gorgeous Amy!! Congrats on both additions!!:yahoo:
  5. Cute bag Amy!! I love your sunnies too!! Your dog and my dog look like they would be best friends!!! Makes me want a jazz bag!!!
  6. You are so pretty. And Bon Bon is adorable. lolol. Great pictures. :smile:
  7. Cute! I like the color of that bag, and your puppy is adorable.
  8. hot bag!
  9. VERY CUTE!!

    so what is the name of the bag? its marc by marc jacobs?
  10. Very cute!!!
  11. You, and your sunnies, and your bag, and your puppy... couldn't possibly be ANY cuter!!! :biggrin:
  12. Great bag and pics!
  13. Very cute sunnies and bag
  14. congrats! I LOVE the color of that bag!
  15. Very cute!!