Better payoff for eyeshadows :)

  1. I wanted to rave about two products that I recently picked up. I wear eyeshadow every once in a while, but sometimes the vibrancy and payoff of the eyeshadow is very faint. I picked up MAC Mixing Medium, and DuWop Payoff based on recommendations from other people online, and both are great products!

    MAC Mixing Medium
    Especially helpful for turning loose pigments into eyeliners. I like loose mineral eyeshadows, but they don't stay as well without mixing it with something. There's a homemade recipe floating around online consisting of glycerin and water, but it irritated my skin. Retails for $13.50 (from what I remember), but is only available at MAC PRO stores.

    DuWop Payoff
    Known as a shadow intensifier, it's about the same consistency as the mixing medium, but seems to have a more vibrant payoff and not as liquidy (is that a word? :lol:). For comparison purposes, here's a picture:
    (Photo courtesy of MakeupAlley)
    The same eyeshadow, except with the addition of Payoff. Retails for $17 from Sephora, but I got mine on eBay for about $10 shipped.

    Hopefully this is helpful! I apologize if this sounds like advertising, but I just wanted to share these products in case any of you are frustrated with eyeshadows that won't blend, are too glittery, poor payoff etc. I am no way affiliated with MAC, Duwop, or Sephora. :p

    As a sidenote, I'm entered in the MAC Originals contest, and would appreciate it if you ladies would mind voting for me! It takes less than a minute to register if you don't already have an account, and it'd help me out alot. :smile: My entry is here, and if the picture doesn't show up (happens sometimes), you can view the picture I entered here. Thanks! :okay:
  2. Wow! I've never heard of Payoff, but the difference is amazing! Does it work to turn shadow into liner? I'm using TooFaced Liquifeye now and I would like something that would make a more intense color...
  3. I've tried it, and it works great! You just have to use a liner brush. What I do is add the eyeshadow on, squeeze a drop or two onto the brush, and then use it. :smile: