Better modeling pix of Maxi Veneta

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  1. I was out of town on business, and decided to try and get better modeling pix of my new Assenzio Maxi Veneta....I'm 5' 9" so in case anyone was interested in the maxi and wondered how it looked when carried......the hotel had a nice long mirror!

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  2. Few more.................

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  3. Love it! Looks fabulous on you.
  4. So nice! Perfect size for you.
  5. Very nice!
  6. Nice! Thanks for the modeling shots! Love your boots, too!!!
  7. such a beautiful color, especially in contrast with black. you look lovely!
  8. Thanks so much! I am loving this bag!

    Yes, this size really works!

    Thanks! : )

    Thanks! Ah those them on Gilt or Haute Look last year for a great price!

    Thanks, I wear a lot of black and I always like a pop of color on a bag! This color is very unique!
  9. Greens are delightfully versatile with dark colors. Enjoy your new beauty! :smile:
  10. your new bv is beautiful
  11. Oh yes it suits you very well. I am not as tall as you so it won't work for me.

  12. You carry that bag very well!
  13. I love the size and color. Thank you for the mod shots. It looks GREAT on you!
  14. Love the slouch on your bag! Looks great on you!