Better Leather - Sapin or Caramel?

  1. I'm deciding between Sapin and Caramel (I think the one that has orange unddertones) for a City. Which color has better leather? TIA:smile:
  2. Hard to say, it really depends on the individual bag, the sapin I saw (in the day ) was really nice. The ss 06 caramel's I have seen have often rather thin and very veiny leather like a lot of the 06 ss colors, the fall 06 caramel is thicker and less veiny. I have one of these the lether is really thick not too veiny but rather dry...hope this helps.
  3. It does vary, but of the bags I have seen, sapin has had nicer leather.
  4. I can vouch for sapin leather! My work has one of the best leathers out of all my bags - not veiny, very mat and now she has the right slouch!:p
  5. I'll have to agree with the girls it really depends I've seen some really great leather on the sapin and I have seen some nice ones on the caramel too.
  6. I guess I choose bags based on color. I would pick color over leather type, but I know some girls here would not. Leather varies so much, I don't know if you can say sapin leather is better than caramel or vice versa . . .
  7. Each bag is individual... so one sapin may be awsome, and one may be not-so-awsome...

    I would check out the colours you like first, and then compare leather...
  8. that is a gorgeous color - SAPIN!!! i had a day in that color and it is beautiful! carmel/caramel is so per bag - i've seen good and bad...
  9. hmmmm, the leather variation is different for every bag even if its the same color!

    But some colors just have the better leather over the other colors even if its the same season...

    hmmmm also, with the rouge vif, alot of ppl said that the 2nd batch had better leather?

    so it all depends!!!

    But if it came down to it, I would definately pick color over leather!
  10. Thank you all for your input and help. I'm leaning toward the Sapin but will wait to see the pictures first. I have tons of brownish bags but not much color. Sapin sounds like a good start, color but not wildly colorful. Thanks again! :smile:
  11. I have seen several sapin bbags and each of them had thick wonderful leather.
  12. I think sapin has consistently had very thick leather with very minimal distressing and very little to no veins. It depends on what you like though! If you like it a bit more distressed and veiny then you would like caramel better. =)
  13. cheetos, I can only speak for Sapin since I don't own any Caramel anythings, but my A/W 06 Sapin Twiggy has THE best leather! It's really shmooshy, thick-ish but not too substantial, and not quite as veiny as my Truffle (which I love -- thanks to iluvhandbags!!! :yes: ) Day.

    Just my $.02 worth...