Better late than never

  1. I finally got my returned EB Maddy.
    I wish I had taken pics of the one I returned because I didn't remember it having variations to the leather that this one has. BUT, I love it! At first I thought it was too small, so I carried it for a day and as it softened up I grew to love it.

    I took her shopping at Hermes one day and dressed her up with a scarf of her own and now I'm convinced she's a keeper. Now to find the right shoes....:love:


    For those of you asking about my Hermes haul, here is the story:
  2. bella, your purse is gorgeous, I got one too and it arrived on Christmas Eve! I too was a little hesitant about the size, but the colour totally makes up for that! Enjoy it and congratulations:woohoo:
  3. GORGEOUS!!! Where did you find it? I would love an EB Mahala.
  4. That bag is stunning. Congrats! Any pics of you carrying it?
  5. :yahoo: Love it bella :woohoo:

    I wish I could have grabbed one when they were available, but I waited too long for the sales and then it didn't happen:crybaby:
  6. I love that blue, so vibrant. Congrats bella and mare76. I love the scarf added on it too, it's so chic like that.
  7. Sigh....that color is absolutely amazing. I hope someone comes out with something similar for Spring/Summer.

    Enjoy her, that is one beautiful bag! :heart:

    Oh...and "Go Pats!" ;)
  8. Hubbawubba: I got it from the Sloan St. JC store. It's the Maddy though, not the Mahala.

    Thanks for looking all! :smile:
  9. _bella_ - What a stunning picture! Ooooo ooo ooo that blue!

    So pretty - it needs a haiku:

    Jimmy Choo Maddy
    Dreaming of electric blue
    Takes your breath away

    please post it in the blue color and Maddy style threads in the library!
  10. Wow, jburgh is on a music kick lately, I LOVE IT!!:tup: The song that comes to mind for me, though, is that 80's rock song "Electric Blue."

    "I can see, see that it may be just a vision of you, ELECTRIC BLUE..."

    Sorry, no pooping horses but I can send you one of DS's prized after-an-Asian-dinner diapers :wlae: upon request. I'll make sure his dinner that evening is extra garlicky.

    LOVE that bag.
  11. Don't you have an EB Maddy, jburgh?
  12. Yep - but her picture is so great!
  13. Fabulous, love your H story too.
  14. Oh Bella.. :tender: it's very lovely. Congrats!!

    I know - the background and lighting is sooo.. chic!:okay:
  15. Very nice. How much smaller is the Maddy than the Mahala? I got the sage LP Mahala at the Saks sale but am comtemplating a return because it is bigger than what I'm used to.