Better late than never!

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  1. I’ve had a very rollercoaster year but I’ve perservered. I treated myself to a My World Tour Speedy B 30 months ago and while I love her, my life is missing some leather.

    I’ve always loved the Bow Satchel. It was something I admired from afar as I was younger and not as stable as I am now. It’s a good thing as it’s taken me some time to learn my bag likes and dislikes and really gotten my style together.

    Without further ado, say hello to my preloved Fumo Bow! Love how soft and delicious that leather is! I’ve been a Miu Miu shoe girl for so long and I’ve got a couple pieces of RTW in my wardrobe but the day is finally here! We’re off to work, almost like I imagined we would be when I was a teenager.
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  2. Congratulations on making it through this hard year, which is very admirable on its own, but also on accomplishing the vision you had when you were a teenager; that simply has no price! :flowers::heart:
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  3. Love the bow bag too. Congrats!
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