Better late than never? ZipZip lovelove!

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  1. #1 May 17, 2016
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
    Hey fellow Dooney lovers! It’s been a while since I have visited tPF, but the past couple of weeks I have been catching up on the Dooney subforum since that’s been my go-to brand for several years now. You ladies have inspired me - I love the colors so many of you are rockin’!

    Something came for me today in the mail that had me doing the happy-dance, and I’m excited to share. Granted, it’s old news to you guys - many of you got on the Zip Zip bandwagon ages ago…. I just never thought it was the bag for me. This Mother’s Day I asked for the City Small Barlow in natural. I SO wanted to love it, but it didn’t quite rock my world.

    Enter a trip to Macy’s where I took a closer look at the Zip Zip in pebbled leather. It was a slow burn kinda love, but once I got there I was in deep. :smile: I ordered it from them online (got a code and a great deal) and then began stalking tPF and Q videos while I anxiously waited, lol.

    It arrived today - total happy dance!! Love the style, love the size, lovelovelove the color (Caramel, pebbled leather). Some time ago I realized that I am a satchel-top handles-structured-bag gal all the way. It’s gotta be lightweight, have a shoulder strap option (I carry by hand or by crook but need the option for those few hands-free moments), and easy access. This bag is perfecto!

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  2. Glad you love your zip2. It is one of my favorites. And you know you can't just have one. It just so happens that way. Enjoy your caramel!
  3. #3 May 17, 2016
    Last edited: May 17, 2016
    Congrats! Zip zips are great! Your not late to the bandwagon! It's a classic style that will always be in style! I just purchased 5 zip zips since Dec.! Lol! Never had one before! 2 Reg. Size zip zips; white patent and Bordeaux Saffiano and 3 bitsy bags ! Love them! Your gonna love carrying the Zip zip! I too love the satchel! I need a handle and a shoulder strap option as well! It's so funny, I also bought the small city Barlow in desert and sent it back! Just not for me! ;)
  4. Thanks YD and TMP!

    Omigosh, YD, don't you know it - I am already craving it in red, and elephant, and oyster.... yeah, I think I may find myself going down the rabbit hole.

    TMP, we sound so similar! So happy to hear that it's a joy to carry!
  5. Inside shots with stuff in it were so helpful to me personally, so here are a couple of mine.

    I don't carry much, and this bag is ideal for me. Wallet, iPhone 6+ (fits easily in large slip pocket), keys, glasses case, lip balm, mini mints tin, coupla pens.

    Sometimes I throw in some snacks (fruit bar, snack bag of pistachios) and a book. Even with these things added in, it doesn't change the look on the outside - still maintains its shape with no bumps or lumps!

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  6. Very nice bag. :smile:
  7. Didn't see your pics before! So nice! I must not have been "signed" in! It's such a pretty color !

  8. Wow!!! She's gorgeous and I love your staging. Looks like you found the perfect bag to smooge you back into Dooney!
  9. Congrats on you new Dooney! Yummy caramel!
    You picked one of the best styles ever! It won't be the last one, I can promise you that! It's like the chips, you can't have just one! I love all of them, especially the saffiano for rainy days!
  10. Lol! JUST like potato chips! ;)
  11. I've been wanting to write a similar post to rave about the Zip Zip. I got my first in March and I too think it's a great bag for me for the reasons you mentioned plus, proportionately, it works for my 5'3" size. Mine is olive and I got it from ILoveDooney at such a good price that I'm spoiled now and keep waiting for my next color ... Dusty Blue ... to come down to a lower price somewhere. I Love your Caramel. Not a great pic but here's Olive ...

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  12. Gorgeous Zip zip WV!
  13. Thanks so much. Zip zip was just perfect from the get go. ��
  14. Beautiful zip zips, ladies! Congrats.
  15. Well, I'll add mine to this thread as well. I'm a late bloomer on the zip zip too! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463581685.032271.jpg