Better Late Than Never -Pix Of My Yummy Oval

  1. I bought her in late Jan/early Feb of this year from NM, after much drooling:drool: and hesitation (I felt rather guilty about spending that amount of $$$ on a clutch) however as I couldn't get her out of my mind she finally came home. I love:heart: love her, sometimes I just sit there and stare. I am :nuts:! I finally got off my ass and took some pixies...:cutesy: here she is my Greige Oval...:tender:

    My DH calls her the tick - LOL!
    bags007.jpg bags006.jpg bags005.jpg bags004.jpg bags003.jpg
  2. Awwwwwwwww :tender:she is so pretty!

    Have you ever used her though?
  3. :drool: Gorgeous
  4. Thanks aki!
    Oh yeah, and not a mark on her yet (it is early days). But only when I have an extra set of hands with my daughter during the day and more so when I am out at night. I feel soooo coooooooooool when I use her ;)
  5. ahh shes a beauty! Glad to hear that you enjoy using her! xx
  6. she is a beauty!
  7. Awww thanks luva pug & anufangava!
  8. I love this style, and yours is truly gorgeous. I keep fighting with the urge to find one, but know that I'd probably not use it very much if at all. Congrats on a super find.:flowers:
  9. (:heart:your tpf name btw!) Thanks dearie! I honestly fought the urge for months, I just kept visiting her in my local NM just because it was too pricey for something I wasn't sure I'd use, but when I finally got her I found her to be quite versatile. Hee hee I am not trying to be a enabler :angel:or anything!;)
  10. Nice bag!
  11. I keep resisting the urge to ring balparis, as I'm sure I've read somewhere on the forum, that they have a few in different colours and one of them is rouille, which is a gorgeous colour, but maybe not that practical for matching to going out wear!! :confused1:
  12. Oh my word rouille! How gorgeous would that be! What a pop of colour in the funky shape! :yes:

    Thanks KDC!:smile:
  13. Congrats :yahoo:
  14. What a beauty! Love the style :smile:
  15. Oh wow....that is great. I would love to see a pic of you wearing it; I love Shasta's pic with her oval. It looks like such a cute bag to wear out for a night on the town.