better get my money back

  1. I bought an item off of eBay (under $30). Paid for the item promptly. A week or so later, it never arrived. traced the tracking # only to have it say:

    Returned to sender, item could not be delivered as addressed

    that immediately sparked a concern because my shipping address is my confirmed address and I've had plenty of items delivered there. I check the seller's site and i see he has relisted the item. only this isn't the type of item most people keep in stock piles of. I'm annoyed. I filed a complaint through paypal and haven't received any emails inquiring about the "investigation." I'm not even sure there is one. At this point I don't even want the item. I think the seller mis-addressed it and he won't even own up to it. I've emailed him w/o a response. The only response I'm getting is his reply to the neg i left him. is paypal even going to give me my money back?
  2. Log it with paypal as item never received - they should be able to track it as well and you should be lucky in getting your money back unless his paypal account is empty
  3. i paid through my paypal balance and he's still selling so hopefully i'll get it back.
  4. Totally agreed. In addition, if you don't get your money back through paypal then call your credit card company and issue a chargeback. You will get your money back that way.
  5. Make sure you've escalated it to a claim, and not just a dispute. A dispute allows you to communicate with the seller, whereas a claim will get the Paypal people involved. If the tracking information is not showing delivered, then Paypal will rule in your favour. Hopefully the seller has someone money in his account, otherwise you'll get nothing back. Next time, pay with your credit card, never totally rely on Paypal!
  6. I agree with leanbeanee. Also, when I had to do a claim I called paypal (their number is on their site) and speaking to a real human made me feel much better. They reassured me that it would all be handled as quickly as possible, and that the money was on hold whilst the dispute was on - which was my main concern.

    It sounds like he is a high seller, which means that he has money coming into his paypal all the time - so the money will be there for you when you win the claim. I hope it all works out for you.
  7. Yeah, do escalate it to a claim. Once I had a seller who did something similar, then kept trying to send the tracking number which was useless because the item hadn't even been scanned in at the post office.
    Anyway I did get my money back quickly.
  8. I actually escalated it to a claim the same day I filed it because the seller had bad FB. I still haven't received any emails from paypal regarding the investigation and haven't gotten any updates. Is there a number i can call to talk to Customer Service there?
  9. 866-837-1851

    Hours of Service:
    6:00 AM to 8:00 PM CST Monday through Friday

    We may only discuss an account with the account-holder.
    For security reasons, we must verify the following details before discussing any account-specific information:
    • Your telephone number
    • Your email address
    • The last 4 digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal
  10. OK, I called amd spoke to a CS rep. And they were totally unhelpful and told me to wait until Feb 6th to find out anythign about my dispute because they were backed up. How long does it really take to click on the tracking No# link and see that it hasnt been delivered? I'm pissed.
  11. PP must be really backed up. I filed a claim a while ago & haven't heard a peep.