Better Damier Azur Pics

  1. Thought you guys might appreciate some better pictures of the upcoming Damier Azur line . . . I haven't seen these on the board yet, and they're much better than the smaller pictures that have shown up. The pattern is white and blue/grey. Fingers crossed for a pochette cles!
    062620061539322944.jpg 062620061539359146.jpg
  2. Thank you so much for the pictures! I can't wait for this new line.
  3. Very cute, but that's a lot of white! I would use it on a small accessory though.
  4. WOW that's cuuuute. Reminds me of the beach early in the morning when it's not extremely sunny and hot. =)
  5. Omg... that's cute! The noe is so cute! I'm not liking the speedy though. :sad:
  6. AHH, I love the Damier pattern with the vachetta leather. It is the perfect combination for summer. I am loving the speedy:biggrin::love:
  7. Oooh, nice, the speedy looks even better :love:
    Those glasses are cute too!
  8. GORGEOUS! That speedy 25 is going to be my next bag! better start saving...
  9. see, i like the speedy! but either way, I'd have to see it in person to really know for sure.
  10. Ya, it might look different IRL. :yes: Maybe just the light vachetta on the handles that threw me off. Hmm... maybe with honey patina vachetta... :hrmm:
  11. Personally, I think that this line is the only canvas that I prefer with the fresh and almost white vachetta (maybe the MC White, too). I wonder if the Azur won't look strange next to an orangy leather? I think the keepalls would be gorgeous, but I worry about them getting dirty. Maybe next summer I'll pick up a messenger if they make it in the Azur . . . I'll definitely be getting the cles this Christmas, though, if they're available. . .

    I like this line more than a lot of the others that have been coming out lately because it feels a lot more luxurious and 'expensive' to me. The seasonal lines like Cerises and Miroir and the rest are all well and good, but to a certain extent they always feel a little bit to me like they are just cashing in on a name. These pieces feel very true to history of the house to me.
  12. I can't wait to see it in person....November seems so far!!
  13. Thanks for posting these pics up! I can't wait to get the Speedy, it looks gorgeous!:love:
  14. oy! how gorgeous is that hardsided luggage set? if i only i were an heiress... :love:

    that's all that's grabbing me though.
  15. So cute! I do believe I see a mini pochette that'll be calling my name come November...:love: