Better choice for key holder - epi or vernis?


Key holder - Vernis or Epi

  1. Vernis Violette

  2. Epi Cassis

  3. Epi Pomegranade

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  1. I am so in love with the Vernis Violette and was originally planning to get the key holder. Now I am wondering if the Vernis is too delicate for it. I often hear about scratches, colour transfer and fading. Should I get the key holder in EPI instead? What do you guys think?
  2. i have a vernis keyholder in indigo, and its pretty durable. i just throw it in my bag like nothing, and it's fine. the other day when it was raining and i was running to my car, i dropped it on asphalt (oops), but no major scratches or anything. :sweatdrop:

    so yeah, i don't think the vernis is too delicate for being a key holder, IMO! if u love the violette, i'd say go for it!
  3. Epi Pomegranate!! Its PINK and leathery and tough; need I say more?
  4. I prefer the Epi Cassis because of the 2 toned color, not only do you get the yummy purple outside ... you get the pomegranate color inside as well!
  5. I love the vernis. I have the pomme vernis 4 key holder, and like the other poster, I have dropped mine in the parking lot and not a scratch!
  6. I have the violette vernis cles and it's beautiful! I've also had the pomme vernis cles for a year, and so far no scratches. I believe the issue with color transfer and fading applies to the light colored vernis.
  7. May I ask if either Pomegranade or Cassis have the 6 key holder?? Or is there only the 4 one out right now?
  8. I say go for epi. I've used mine for a year and it still looks brand new.
  9. I'd go for the Epi Cassis because I love the two-toned color and Epi is more durable, IMO. :tup:
  10. I prefer vernis violette... so cute.
  11. I am curious myself so I'll be watching this thread closely. I do not own one yet.
  12. Vernis Violette for me!
  13. I vote for the vernis one. I love that color!
  14. Epi- such a great and durable leather!