Better Business Bureau and Online Shopping


Jan 7, 2009
I know that a lot of people look for the Better Business Bureau logo when online shopping, but what does the logo actually tell shoppers and why does it give them confidence?

I was reading the requirements to be able to use the BBB Online Seal, and all they care about is that the business has been has been around for a certain length of time. They don't even ask whether the business' site has been up for the length of time, just that the business has existed. Theoretically, any site that sells fakes but has an LLC under a different name can become a part of the I missing something?

On top of this, it costs over $500 + an additional $300 every year to use the seal. It almost seems as if the BBB is out there just make money? Wouldn't their whole "help consumers mission" make more sense if their screening standards were stricter and the prices for legitimate small businesses less restrictive?


Nov 21, 2006
ITA. If I don't know an e-tailer, I don't look for the BBB logo. Instead, I will run a search on BBB's website of that e-tailer. And I will run a google search of the e-tailer. If there's something wrong with the company, something will usually pop up. Also, it never hurts to call up...if no one picks up, it's never a good sign b/c if you have any problems, you'll never get CS on the phone.