Better against color rub off-- handheld or shoulder white MC?

  1. For anyone who is a MC owner, especially if you have a handheld and a shoulder muticolor, which provides better protection against color transfer/rub off?

    I prefer shoulder due to ease of use but am afraid (as I live in a cooler climate that requires coats) the constant friction of it being against my upper body.

    I was told two different things by different SA-- the first is that it is only an issue if the coat is new and the second person told me color transfer/rub off goes with owing a MC, even if the clothes have been cleaned multiple times.

    Please forward me your MC stories-- I cannot justify spending so much money on a bag if it does not last a long time-- and I am careful with my bags.
  2. I think if you switch sides and how you carry it, then the color rub doesn't happen as quickly. I switch my bag out on a regular basis, that way they don't get as much wear and tear!
  3. I switch my bag every 2-3 days, so far I have no problem with my mc piece.
  4. in my experience, rub off is just a part of an MC bag's life, especially if it is used daily. my mc pochette has signs of rubbing off on the corners. i used it all the time (mostly because it was my first LV and i was totally thrilled about it). however my mc trouville doesn't have any rubbing off yet.

    i think if you don't use it ALL the time, the rubbing off will happen much later.
  5. I noticed that the bottom corners next to the vachetta of my black MC petite noe has started to rub a little bit. My white trouville doesn't get that much use so it's still perfect.
  6. Oh i love the Multicolor. I just with the monogram flowers where not so sensitive.
  7. I think it just depends on how colorfast your clothes are and how often you wear your MC. I own a white MC Speedy (handheld) and since it's nearer to my bottoms I make sure not to wear dark jeans (jeans are so notorious for transfer). So far, so good.

    IMO multicolor in white is more susceptible to color transfer...maybe you can get black MC or just buy what you love the most and just try to be careful.
  8. I think if it's a handheld and you like wearing the bag on the crook of your arm then it's more prone to rub off, especially with denim and white MC...
  9. I have ruboff on my azur speedy 30...there's denim transfer on the corners as well as ruboff of the print. Oh well. Not much you can do about it.
  10. Does this mean if I wear a regular t-shirt or a blouse that the color will rub off on my MC?
  11. Just don't wear really dark new jeans.
  12. IMO, whether hand-held or will always be susceptable to colour transfer, especially if your piece of clothing is new/dark. I wore a black blazer one time, and got transfer on the white speedy from the friction of walking and rubbing against each other. On the darker canvases like mono, damier, and blk MC, you don't notice it as much but it's there too.

    Don't let this discourage you from buying it. I, too, am very careful with my bags: I spray my bags or occasionally use magic eraser on it. Sometimes, when I wear black or denim with my White MC, I actually "Hand-hold" the bag instead of letting it hang on the crook of my arm -- that way there's no friction of the clothing and bag rubbing.
  13. That really sucks. For the prices we pay for these bags, you would think they would make it easier to manage somehow. I am having second thoughts now about getting a White MC =(
  14. I once had a white MC Audra. The first time I took her out I rubbed up against something blue and she had blue marks on the bottom vachetta corners. I ended up selling her because I was so paranoid about getting her dirty. The white MC was just too much upkeep for my tastes (not to mention the brass handle links made her quite heavy). I wonder if I'm going to fare any better with the upcoming Watercolor VVN speedy!
  15. well me and the hubby went clubbing last night, and i decided to wear my super dark brand spankin new never washed jeans!! and i was little buzzed LOL i was holding my 1 month old MC white alma on the crook of my arms not thinking how much the vachetta was rubbing onto my new jeans, and i didnt noticed until this morning how bad it was and how blue it is all over!! so, thanks to baby wipes they are now off and it looks brand new again, i cant really say if its a lil darker or not because it started the patina about 2 weeks ago so now the vachetta is peachy color..other than that the blue ruboff from my new jeans is complete gone.. i also decided to wipe off some of the dirt all over the handles and the dirt is off too... the baby wipe work, i wouldnt do it all the time... im afraid it might slow down the patina process or make it 'dry" anyways, i also wiped off the white canvas with the wipe and believe me it was really dirty from using it everyda..