betsyville :)

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  1. ive seen some really cute bags by betsyville. are they good quality? worth the money? and where i can buy them?
  2. Betsyville handbags are very trendy and chic, but I don't think they are high quality. They start falling apart after a year or so. You get what you pay for. I have several and get compliments all the time because you don't see them everywhere.
  3. I have 3 Betsey Johnson makeup bags, and one actually looks like a tote that I :heart:. Her stuff is really cute (most of the time) and the quality is not that of a LV or Chanel, but it will still stand the test of time. I wouls say if you find a purse of hers that you like, GO FOR IT!
  4. Can't speak to the Betseyville line of BJ bags, but I do own a couple of other Betsey bags - the large Good Girl and large Garter bag. Both are very sturdy and the leopard print interior is kicky. I love them both and they've held up well, especially the Good Girl hobo, which I stuff to the gills and it *still* has room to spare!
  5. I bought a Betseyville bag for my daughter to use for overnights. It is black vintage looking tattoos printed all over it. It has some pretty neat gold metal lightning bolt zipper pulls. She loves it, and I only paid about $60 for it at TJ Maxx. The quality is about what you would expect to see in your average Nike or Reebok nylon duffle bag. It should hold up for a few years depending on how hard my daughter is on it. It could easily last a long time if it were owned by somebody who is easy on their stuff. I think it was worth the 60 bucks.
  6. They're cute and very unique...I'm not a fan of all of them honestly but if you love it go for it! :tup:

    I have a Lucky Star small handbag by Betsey Johnson but don't have any Betseyville. They don't look like they could withstand a lot of wear and tear so I'd just treat them carefully and you should be fine!
    Betsey Johnson (2).jpg
  7. My teenage daughter and her friends love this line.
    I think they carry them at Nordies and Macy's.
  8. I love her bags..I have the Jetset weekender and I love it! It's such a great quality for the price.
  9. you can get these online and in many department stores as well as on ebay. These bags tend to go on sale too...and yes they are way cute. I recently found a Betsey outlet in Ca and I have heard there are others. They had bags too. They all seem to be good quality.
  10. Help a guy out. I've got a girl looking for the following purse:

    Yes, there's a green one on ebay. She wants the black one. She doesn't think I can find a link to somewhere online that has it. I say you folks can help me prove her wrong!