Betsy Johnson Necklace!?!?

  1. Picked this up at the mall today thought it was kinda cute. Now that I have it home i'm having second thoughts what do you think???? Keep it or take it back.
    Picture 930.jpg Picture 929.jpg
  2. to me it's kinda cute...but to keep or not also depends on the price shouldn't be too pricy since it's another fun piece that I know I'll grow out of

    if it's a good deal then I'll probably keep it :smile:
  3. I paid 65 plus tax.
  4. I think it's cute and for that price, I would keep it. It's hard to tell how big it is, but I bet you'll find lots of outfits to wear it with.
  5. I think its cute. I love betsy. I bought a heart necklace of hers last summer and wore it a lot...
    I think you'll enjoy it.
  6. then keep it!! :tup: betsey's a fun designer...enjoy;)
  7. I saw the earrings version of these yesterday. Super cute! A bit too big for earrings though, but the necklace looks hot.
  8. I've seen this and like it. Isn't it really big?
  9. ^Yeah it's pretty huge. It's a lovely necklace though, but if you wear it you have to downplay your other accessories so you're not overdoing it.
  10. I thought so. I've seen a couple of different colors and really liked it! I'm a fan of bigger pieces.
  11. Very cute. It's up to you, if you love it keep it. If not just take it back.
  12. Thanx ladies I have decided to keep it, and yes it is pretty big but that's what I like the most about it when I first saw it. I was just worried about how I would wear it but I guess just keep it simple, if I don't wear it after a while I'll just return it.