Betsy Johnson bags...

  1. What are your thoughts on these bags guys?! Her new line just came out and while I like some of the designs, there are some that are just to "interesting" for me!

    Check some out...what do you think?

    Ones I like: I really like that clutch...I think the look is so cool/classy at the same time!

    Some that are kind of crazy:


    Any thoughts?
  2. Every now and then I see a BJ bag I like but for the most part I find her designs to be a little too busy for me.
  3. I like the bags with the lock on them, like that clutch.
  4. i have a couple of her really nice leather bags, but the bags above are just not my style.... but i do like her - her clothes and shoes can be cute too!
  5. I would have to see them in person. I bought a leather bag of hers and I loved it, but the top was hard to get in and out of, it was very heavy, and the leather didn't hold up well, particularly on the edges. I still sold it for quite a bit of money on eBay though, so they hold up well in terms of resale!
  6. For the most part I don't. It's usually quite funky. Her tamer stuff would be my funkier stuff. :roflmfao: I did really like this leather bag I saw on to $144.37 :tup: ).

  7. yeah i like that one ^^ but I am not really an animal print kind of girl
  8. I have a long, leather clutch with rivets & a wrist strap. It has a casual look to it & the leather is buttery soft. I love it!
  9. I have a couple Betsey Johnson funky-looking hobos that I got on eBay for about $100 a piece. I love them because they're roomy and fun to carry. I've seen reviews of some of her bags on Zappos. One I recall accused them of being made of flimsy material. So I would definitely check out Zappos for reviews. Most of her bags are over-the-top for me but I enjoy checking them out because they are fun.
  10. I like and have some of her leather bags. I don't care too much for the betseyville styles.
  11. Actually I'm liking that third fuschia betsey johnson pop rock. :smile:

    On second thought, I saw another picture of the bag and those squares look like plastic... :/
  12. I love to look at her stuff, and love to buy it for my step daughter and daughter in law - I think it's a real 20 somethinglook - but I did buy a really get blouse and the clear bag she had out last year - it was great for quick weekend stuff
  13. I like the Pop Rock too...and that clutch really has my eye...I might just get it as something fun to have...
  14. I think some of her leather ones are pretty but the patterns are too over the top for me. For the price of her leather bags there are other things I would rather have.
  15. i have to agree with al ot of these ladies, there are some that i like... but a lost of her bags are wayy too busy for me. her shoes on the other hand, thats a different story. love each and every one of her shoes. even with the "busy" bottoms. hehe. cant say the same with her bags however, i would much rather spend that amount of money on something rather more.... chic.