Betseyville bags. Good quality?

  1. Anyone familiar with the Betseyville line from Betsey Johnson? How is the quality?
  2. I haven't bought any of the pieces yet but do plan to get an overnight bag for my daughter...The reviews that I've read state the quality is on par with the price and the appeal is the whimsy that only Betsey can provide!
  3. I have a couple of her "Marilyn" shirts which I love - but when I branched out to her fashion jewelry line, I found it to be junk. I would not buy her bags - JMO.
  4. my friend has one of her bags and it has held up great. i always see them in stores, and they look like good quality.
  5. Betseyville is not good quality. On the other hand, Betsey Johnson collection bags ARE very high quality.