Betsey Johnson

  1. I have been eyeing some of Betsey Johnson's shoes on Zappos for a while. Yesterday I was in Nordstrom and I saw them there. They look really cute and well made. I didn't have a chance to try them on so I have no idea how they feel. Can anyone tell me how comfortable they are for actual wear? TIA

  2. i saw some that i wanted at Nordstrom, too. they're black with gold but from trying them on i could tell they're not super comfortable. but beauty hurts right? =P
  3. they run a bit large imo, i would try on in store before ordering online
  4. They're not the most comfortable shoes I've ever tried, but they were decent. I wouldn't use them for walking, but I would use them for looking pretty, lol.

    Also, they do seem to run a bit large (about 1/2 size). I've tried a few pairs in my regular size, and all of them slipped off the back.
  5. Thanks for all the info ladies!