Betsey Johnson

  1. Does anyone here also love Betsey Johnson handbags?
  2. I had one that i loved but it fell apart after a couple of months.
  3. I don't love them, but I do love the fact that you can buy them at Winners :p
  4. I love a few of hers - esp the one with the chains and leaf dangles on the shoulder strap!!! I have been eyeing that baby for a few months now...
  5. I think they're cute, but too "busy" for my taste.
  6. I like some of her bags. They're unique and you don't see them everywhere.
  7. I think they are cute but most aren't worth the hefty price tag
  8. i love her bags.. they are fun and perfect when you want a little rock and roll and not pay the price
  9. haha.. is it a LEAF dangle? My friend has a betsey johnson.. and I always thought the signature detail was a leaf in some mini studs... meanwhile, I really think it's actually a LIPSTICK PRINT... not a leaf... you can correct me if I'm totally incorrect.. but it's just always something my eye went to
  10. I'm not so hot for BJ. I'm not a fan of all those grommets and buckles....
  11. I only like a few of her bags. I agree with everyone else that sometimes they are a little to busy and the colors sometimes are really my style. But to each his own!

    I do have lots of her make-up bags and they are awesome, they have really stood the test of time (and lots of make-up!!!) The design on them is cute too!
  12. I love a lot of her bags. I think they are cute & edgy at the same time. Very rock and roll.
  13. Her insignia I believe is a leaf out of little rivit things - this is super common on her leather handbags... not familiar with the lip marks... but perhaps...???
  14. I had a dark brown Chain Reaction tote bag. While the leather was good quality, it was very heavy when empty and the thin single strap seemed that it would snap if I put anything inside with the added weight.
    I sold it a day after receiveing it.
    Also, most of the designs are too 'cowboy' for me.