Betsey Johnson

  1. Where do her bags fit in the bag hierarchy? Higher than Kate Spade? Lower than Coach? Anyone have any feedback on her bags? I saw one recently and loved it, except the color... what do you think of her bags?

  2. Mandy,

    To me (this is only my opinion) her bags are a tab bit below Kate Spade and Coach. She reminds me of a cross between Kate Spade and Juicy Couture. You can see a lot of her purses on Fashion Flairs Dot Com. They've got wallets and purses.
  3. I agree w/ PurseManiac. Betsey Johnson isn't really known for bags. She mainly did clothing. But at least Kate Spade and Coach started off w/ making bags.
  4. I had a buckle up Hobo and boy that leather was so nice and squishy. I like her purses. Neat colorful linings, Cute and useful. I bought mine on eBay for like 269. You can get them on varying sites for 2-300.

    I hate to put purses into a hierarchy. Because I have my own personal one that may include bags no one else would consider and vice versa. A Friend of mine has one Coach purse and thinks it is the Mecca of all bags and who am I to tell her likewise.
  5. I guess she just ventured recently into bags, but she seems to do some interesting styles. I bought one for my daughter at Christmas and her friend loved it so much, she ran out and found the same bag for herself. Said it's the most comfortable bag ever to carry -- very soft and smooshy.
  6. I like her bags they are really cute.
  7. I have a lot of bags of all prices and sizes, and next to my Paddington Hobo, my absolute most favorite, functional and comfortable bag is a cross body Betsey Johnson. I use this thing every time I go on a vacation or an outing with my kids. It is soft, comfotable and holds everything. I just love her edgy sense of style. They are mostly casual bags, but they are good quality as long as you get the leather ones and they last a very long time. I have around 4 or 5 of them.
  8. she's hit or miss...sometimes great, sometimes really strange.
  9. Yeah I like some of her stuff... some bags are totally whacky and strange, others are whacky but cute lol. I have a clutch I got as a gift that I like. The linings are really nice!
  10. I have The Good Girl. I bought it from Nordstrom's online. It looked wonderful in the pictures and it actually looks wonderful in real life, but it's HUGE and I mean HUGE. I like to carry large bags, too, but this one is just too big even for me. I use it as an overnight bag. It's just too cumbersome to lug around town for errands and such.

    I think she's got a fun and quirky style. I really like some of her bags. I see them often at Marshall's and TJMaxx.
  11. I have several Betsey Johnson bags, and I love them, although I usually use higher end designer bags like Chloe, Gucci or Marc Jacobs.

    What I like about the Betsey Johnson bags are the punk style. I also like the hugeness (they are great for schlepping things around).

    The quality is not the same as my $1500 bags, but I don't expect it to be. I consider them on par with Coach or Dooney in price point and quality, but MUCH edgier.
  12. I am not as wild about Betsey's leather handbags as I am about her funky fabric totes and clothing line. The linings are rather cute with the little pink rosebuds and they are well made.

    If I want a good leather bag I look elsewhere but if I just want something fun and different then she is an option.

    Here is my Betsey Johnson Paperdolls tote (eBay photo). It makes a cute gym bag and my daughter keeps trying to swipe it.
  13. I have the medium sized Good Girl bag and I love it. It's great for everyday because I can toss it around. The size is perfect and it has purse feet so I can set it down on counters without worrying about getting the bottom dirty.
  14. I like her handbags, but i think that she's more known for dresses as opposed to her bags.
  15. I have a Betsey Johnson "Heartbreaker Large" in the off white color and I love it!! I get compliments on it all the time! It is very well made. I think I paid like $390 for it and it was well worth it. I liked it so much I bought the matching little cosmetics/ card holder 2 weeks later for like $95. They have kept up very well and I use them quite a bit! I Think Betsey is great, just because she is a little quirkey, I think it makes her stuff unique and plus you dont see anyone else with it! I would way rather carry a Betsey Johnson and be the only one at "The Mall" with it, instead of being 1 in 200 carrying a LV or most likely an LV fake!