Betsey Johnson Warehouse Moving Sale

  1. Just came back from this one. Nothing over $50 but also nothing really new under the sun -- mostly older merchandise. Evening - $50, Dresses $30 and Separates - $15.

    December 11-13, 10am to 7pm
    263 West 38th Street, 13th floor

    Go with no expectations and you'll be happily surprised.
  2. This is close to me! Any bags?
  3. ^^^ The bags were snapped up in seconds, just like the sweaters. They had a lot of clutches and evening bags left though. Also a lot of belts for $10 and shoes were $25.
  4. I hit the mother load at this sale!!! I highly recommended, however the shoes, bags, and belts were nothing special.... Dresses and separates are worth taking a look at! Plan to spend a lot of time there looking through stuff it and will be worth it. My hour lunch was more like and hour forty-five.
  5. *bump*!

    Planning to go tonight it still worth it?
  6. I plan on going back tomorrow, the last day..I know the pickings will be slim but they just had so much stuff and it's possible that they will still drop the prices....would not hurt to check out.