Betsey Johnson Sample Sale*NYC*July 15th-17th

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  1. Searched but didn't see this posted.

  2. I work right around the corner and will be taking the longest "bathroom" break around 10am. I'll let you know what's there.
  3. does anyone know if they knock down prices on friday, the last day?
  4. Yup. Last time, they started knocking down prices the first day in the late afternoon and continue to reduce.

    Here's what they had:

    A lot of dresses from the last 2 sales (can't get rid of those suckers!).
    Current season dresses/separates (which were going very quickly)
    Very small selection of: shoes, bags, and costume jewelry
    Small selection of swimwear
    Small selection of lingerie

    I got a few dresses, skirts and cardis.
  5. can u post prices? thanks!!!!
  6. Evening dresses - $75
    Day dresses $50
    Separates $35
    Shoes - $25-40
    Jewelry $10-25
    Bags - various prices
  7. Any bridal gowns?
  8. Betsey Johnson makes bridal gowns?

    I didn't see any but then again, I wasn't looking.
  9. thanks! ill just wait til friday then .... i really don't need more dresses lol theyre just fun to have
  10. I went back around 10am to see if there was a new shipment and/or prices dropped. There was no new merchandise and prices were the same. As for what they had, the place had been picked clean.
  11. thanks restricter - i didn't think it would be that hectic - last ss, they had plenty on the last day .. sigh.
  12. does any one know if they restocked or if they are dropping prices today? thanks
  13. They didn't restock and so far haven't dropped prices either. I was told to check back later in the day. Well, actually, they did put out a batch of Betseyville sweaters that weren't there yesterday. Everything else was picked over.
  14. Go now! Not many dresses left, but they've reduced prices to 20/25/30/35. I couldn't find a pattern to the reductions, but they're good. I picked up a cute sequined pink frock for 30.