Betsey Johnson One more time

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  1. I'm confused. I saw this pic in a previous thread but can't derive the actual name of this bag from it. It's the only Betsey Bag that I would be interested in I think. Anyone know the actual name.

    Now...I am used to Kooba and IF leather quality. Am I going to be very dissapointed? Some of the other leather bags of hers might appeal to me too but truthfully tell me what you know of the quality. I don't want to waste the money even if it is a lower price than what I am used to.

    I need to save up and get a Mulberry Rosemary really.

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  2. I think its called bad girl or something like that....
  3. Good girl....Bad's all the same...LOL
    Thanks! Now, how bout that quality?
  4. don't know. never owned one but I do remember a post from a member saying that the quality is just fine. If you buy from Nordstroms and keep the receipt you can return it very easily.
  5. I liked the quality of that Good Girl hobo which was posted earlier, but it was too big, IMO.
  6. I have the Good Girl bag in medium and regular (large). The medium is great for shopping and toting around like a normal purse. The big bag is huge and it's good for school/work.
  7. Betsey Johnson makes very good quality stuff, and I love the fun, playful linings and other details - especially the hardware on the Good Girl line. But these bags are huge, just too big for me...
  8. I am looking more at the satchel now. The big Hobo is huge. The satchel is 14 inches, a little more reasonable.
  9. I researched all of her bags and came to the conclusion that the good girl satchel was too boxy and too big. I found a darling Betsey Buckle Up Hobo. Medium size and cute as can be. I got a very good price I think. 147.00. All the others were in the 169-199 range. So when I saw this Buy it now, I nabbed it. I'll post a pic to this thread when I get it.