Betsey Johnson Jewelry-Where?!

  1. Where can I find Betsey jewelry? Or perhaps on sale too? (besides eBay)

    Thanks :smile:~

  2. My Nordstrom and Macy's always have Betsey Johnson jewelry. I can't remember if I've seen it there on sale, but they definitely carry it!
  3. my tj maxx had the heart shaped watch pendant and another watch of some kind that i didn't pay attention to as it was not to my liking.
  5. I buy all of mine at Nordstroms!
    Macy's has it too
    aaaaaaand bloomingdale's!
  6. I always see tons of Betsey Johnson jewelry for lower prices at Loehman's.
  7. Every now and then I'll find a watch or necklace at TJ Maxx for CHEAP. But I get most of her stuff at her boutique.
    She has a 75% off sale going on right now
  8. I've only bought it at Nordstrom, but I've also seen it at Marshalls a bunch of times!