Betsey Johnson handbags

  1. A couple of questions about these, especially for the Canadian girls:

    Where's the best place to shop for BJ handbags--are they available at Holt Renfrew?

    To everyone:
    Which one do you prefer




    But, I thought it came in more of a camel colour, too. The other one looks a lot better, IMO.

    Hmmm....opinions! There is also a lighter colour of the Pocahontas that's nice.

    Where to buy and What to buy?

  2. I say YAY to the Beatnik! She has some boutiques in Canada. Goodluck, I hope you find it!
  3. pocohantas... i love fringes!
  4. I have a BJ bag that looks alot like the Beatnik but I'm not sure it's the same. It's chocolate suede with lots of brass-colored studs and beads :biggrin:. I love carrying it on the weekend. It's very soft and roomy. The only thing I don't like is that the beads have started to come off on one of the handles. So far, it's not enough to be noticable but it may be a problem eventually. I like the Pocahontas too.
  5. Beatnik!
  6. Beatnik :graucho: