Betsey Johnson Frame Bag. What'dya think?

  1. I'm really liking this Betsey Johnson frame bag right now. Anyone have it already? Those that don't, opinions on it? :jammin: :supacool:


    Its called the Ruffled Up Frame bag.
  2. I like it. How big is it?
  3. ^^^ Not sure. Let me go find out...........
  4. Its Dimensions: 17"W x 11"H x 6"D.Hand-held strap. Strap drop: 3". Shoulder strap drop: 14". (per Nordstroms site)

    Here's another pic of it with gold hardware.
  5. It's cute! Looks like it might have been inspired by the MJ Stam.
  6. I'm not quite liking it
  7. It kicks ass. Go for it! I'd totally rock it. :yes:
  8. I would have to see it IRL to know for sure. I love her bags but sometimes when I see them they can be a wee bit on the cheezy side and sometimes too big and out of proportion on me. BUT this one looks amazing and I do have and love her 'lucky star' small flap bag in black with a cool chain strap!
  9. i like the style, altough i'm not sure about the leather. i need to feel it before say yes :P
  10. i like it!! i think it looks best with the silver hardware and i'm a big sucker for frame bags!
  11. Me either, sorry.

  12. Mello I like it better with the silver hardware too. Betsey Johnson is just so funky. :wlae:

  13. I agree with remind me somehow with MJ stam...i personally would choose the MJ one. but this one is kinda cute also:smile:
  14. Go for it. I like it. I just got one of Betsy Johnson's bags for a birthday present and love it.
  15. This is super cute.....I have a BJ purse that I carry everyday. The leather is super soft...I like her bags because they are different w/out being too outrageous!!