Betsey Johnson dress sizing?

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  1. Hi all,

    I want to buy a dress by Betsey Johnson for my boyfriend's cousin's wedding, but I am not sure as to what size I should buy. I have checked the measurements and I am supposed to be an 8, but comparing to other brands I usually go down a size and so I'm a 6. I wear 6 for everything, basically.

    I don't think there are any places here that carry her dresses so I can't try the sizes on personally.

    So, my question is, do Betsey Johnson dresses run small, large, or is the sizing pretty accurate?


    Oh and this is the dress I was looking at!

  2. Love the dress! Her dresses run a size smaller, I'm a size 6 also & for my work x-mas party back in Dec. I purchased a Betsey Johnson dress & the size 6 was too small so I got a 8 & it fit like a glove. Hope this helps & good luck!
  3. Thanks nana! I guess I'll have to go for an 8 after all!
  4. If you have a size B chest or smaller they should be TTS, if you have a large B or bigger order one size up :smile:
  5. I normally wear a 6 in regular clothes and a 4 in dresses (no idea why) and I have one of her dresses in a 4. I think they probably run fairly true to size. You could just do what I do all the time and order both sizes and return the one that didn't work! :smile:
  6. Her stuff does tend to run small...I believe I went a size up for my dresses.
  7. I agree, I think the bust is the only area that runs small.
  8. Great choice! That is such a cute dress :smile:

    Can't really help you with sizing though.
  9. oh that is adorable!!!

    I am usually an 8 in dresses and I ordered a 10 and it fit perfect.
  10. Thanks guys! I think my bust is kind of big for my overall body size so I think I'll definitely have to go up a size if the bust area runs small...
  11. I usually wear a 0 or one in other brands but for betsey johnson I have to go up to a size two. Maybe that's because I'm canadian and our sizing is a little different than American sizing
    I think you should assume they run a little big if anything. They definatley don't run small in comparison to brands like tna and talula.
  12. it all depends on the dress i find. most of the time its tts, i am a size 6. i do, however, have a couple dresses that wound up being a size 2. i have nooooooooo idea why. they are not even stretchy. and i am way far from being a 2. i love betsey!
  13. Order the larger size. You can always have it tailored to fit you better, much harder to do if it is too small, KWIM?