Betsey Johnson Bowling Bag - what do you think?

  1. love it! adorable
  2. It's really cute!
  3. I like it, bowling bags are always appealing to me and so is patent leather.
  4. thanks for posting the link.... i love bowling bags! now i'm shopping for one and will give this other baby of mine some rest.:smile:

  5. I like it!!!
  6. Wow, *very* cute!
  7. Very Cute
  8. love the patent!
  9. very cute! and i don't like betsey johnson very much, but i do like that! =)
  10. Adorable and not too OTT. Now I wanna see it IRL!
  11. I'm going to run to the boutique today to see it IRL. I've never bought any of her bags before, so I have no idea about the quality. It looks cute though!
  12. I've owned 2 BJ bags. Leather was nice and soft in both. No issues with either bag.
  13. It is super adorable, especially since it is patent leather! You should get it!
  14. I'm not usually a fan of patent leather, but that said, this bag is SO CUTE!