Betsey Johnson Betseyville - Defects or Distressed?

Defects or Distressed?

  • Yes - It's a defect

  • No - It's just how distressed material look like

  • No idea

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Oct 11, 2006
Hi all, I'm posting this thread here cuz I don't think it fits anywhere else...

I'm the buyer of a local independent boutique...
I recently received Betsey Johnson Betseyville's new Betsey's Sweetheart collection, and there are lots of defects on the handbags.

Last Friday I contacted the salesperson, she said those are not scratches, but how distressed material (PVC) should look like. That may be the case, but some of them are scratches that even the silver/golden coloring were off.

I told her I know the difference between scratches and distressed, and she thinks I'm just giving her a hard time.

Ladies, please look at the pictures I've attached. And to the best of your knowledge, please let me know do they look like defects or distressed?

Sorry the pictures are pretty big, so I have to attached the link to my Picasa

Really appreciate your help!
Jul 21, 2006
From the way it looks, it appears that those lines are some of a top layer of a vinyl that is coming off. So, I would say that it is defective, and if it isn't, it sure looks like it to me. I wouldn't buy that handbag product.