Betsey Johnson Bankruptcy

  1. I like some of her jewelry, I will look into grabbing some pieces when they hit a serious discount or a discount store.
  2. The clothes are still so expensive! I even went to the outlet store and the prices were still very high. I've gotten better deals on holiday weekends (additional 40% off entire store) than the liquidation sale. I was hoping to buy a swimsuit or some new bras, but no thanks!
  3. My local store closed today (or will be closing in about a half hour). The final discount was 50% off most dresses and shoes and 70% off sweaters and skirts. 50% off isn't a huge deal, but there were only 2 dresses in the store that fit me (and both were only 50% off), so I grabbed them:



    I was also hoping for bargains, but I ended up just paying the max of what I'm normally willing to pay for nice dresses. Her dresses suit my style, so I didn't mind a whole lot.
  4. i stopped by the outlet by santa barbara a about two weeks ago, I'm not a pro at clothing but I can see why they went bankrupt.. (to be fair there wasn't much stuf there when I got there) but the outfits seemed very overpriced for their quality and looks

  5. Yup, her stuff is very 80s throwback.
  6. My outlet store has everything 75% off. I would of bought a dress or something..if I had a place to wear it. I'd be all dressed up with no where to go!

    I was curious will any big stores have her stuff on sale? Like Dillards, Nordies, Macys??
  7. I love her dresses I own a few and a bag
    Her dresses are the best ... Can't find such quality and unique dresses anywhere else it's do my style I hope her dresses come back