Betsey Johnson Bankruptcy

  1. M really disappointed shes going out of business. I love her quirky designs. Does anyone know why? I wonder if the website will still be open. Does anyone like her
  2. YES i like her ! I am so surprised too!! I saw the sale and thought it was only one store..
    I loved the jewlery mostly:sad:
    This sucks!
  3. Poor sales ultimately .... sadly.

    Fashion designer Betsey Johnson's company filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday night in New York, following poor performance in its chain of retail stores.
  4. I love her socks n bags. I got a pr of sandals from
  5. I think she is still going to sell things in dept stores like Macy's. Just all her boutiques are going out of business.
  6. In case you don't know, Betsey Johnson has filed for Chapter 11 and everything in the stores (and online) is getting liquidated, including fixtures. I've never been ga-ga for her clothes but I think she has some cute stuff here and there. I went today and everything was generally just 30% off with the exception of clearance which had an additional 30% off the markdown. What I tried on just didn't fit right or was still too pricey for me. Shame because some of the jewelry was cute. The markdowns just aren't sweet enough for me yet.

    Has anyone else checked her stores out lately? Perhaps someone can find a dream item!
  7. I did just to check out the sales... even though I usually don't like her clothes.

    I think for bankruptcy, those prices are insanely high...
  8. I popped into her store and checked out the online sales. For a company that's going into bankruptcy, I agree with CEC that the prices are still extremely high. Looks like they're trying to get as much as they can out of the stock (don't blame them), but I envision even bigger cuts later on... or these pieces showing up in discount stores.
  9. Those insane prices are the reason she's going bankrupt. I'm surprised it took so long though. I guess they're going out with their heads held high but the store at the Galleria had a 75% off sign.
  10. My mom went in person today and pretty much everything was only 30% off. I couldn't believe it when the website only had 30% off, I'm pretty sure I've gotten 40% off during regular sales on their website, and you can get her stuff(at least shoes) on for way cheaper. Whoever decided on the pricing scheme was borderline delusional.
  11. agree :roflmfao:

    I think the person/team setting up the prices should have been fired first... I guess she kept them around...
  12. I have a feeling things are gonna get way discounted as time goes on but if I'm this uninterested now chances are I won't be even when it's cheaper.

    More fixtures at the store had been bought than the clothes!
  13. The prices are really inconsistent. Right now my live store is about 40% off of everything (but that's still pretty expensive). The eBay outlet is being weird -- about a week ago everything suddenly went to like 60% off and now it's all back at 26% off. So I don't know what's going on. I bought two dresses on the eBay outlet for around $180 each, and now both of them cost $340 again.
  14. I'm confused, didn't Steve Madden take over Betsey Johnson? Zappos just added some new stuff under the Betsey Johnson section, and it looks like the starting price point is about half of what her line used to cost...
  15. Steve Madden owns the Betsey Johnson license. Their plan is to continue selling a small portion of her branded items while the rest is liquidated to repay a large portion of the Betsey Johnson debt.