Betsey Johnson Bags?

  1. Nay, it's too busy for me.
  2. I've seen these at Nordstrom...I always drool over the pictures but then when I see them IRL I'm on the fence and can't decide if I like this style or not.
  3. My GF had that bag and she just returned it 4 months after she bought it.

    I actually think it's really pretty and the leather is decent for the price, but it just wasn't made well.
    It's a HUGE bag so you would think that it would be made to withstand being stuffed (why else would anyone BUY a huge bag unless they had a lot to carry?) but apparently not because the leather braids on both sides popped out of the holes.

    I'm not sure if that's a problem that maybe QC overlooked with HER particular bag or if it would be common with that style, but thought it would help you to know that.
  4. just thought i would mention that betsey johnson bags sometimes turn up at TJMAXX. my sister bought the mixed grey/white "snakeskin" last year.
    it was well over $200 there but still she saved some money.
  5. hmm.. :s

    i ordered the medium buckle-up tote from bloomies.. i wonder if i should just cancel the order..

  6. I did too. Now I'm having second thoughts on cancelling my order thru Bloomies.
  7. [​IMG]
    I almost got that one too! LOOOOVE the color.
    I don't think you'd have the same issue as what I posted because the braid goes along the top of the bag, so maybe there wouldn't be the same tension as the ones on the side?
  8. ^ right now it is cheaper to buy that bag at costco $99. that's the only color left they got. maybe we should just buy at costco eh? lol
  9. Guess I'll have to wait and see when it gets here to see if I like it or not. It was hard to decide which color to get black or camel. I got the camel color.
  10. haven't seen her new bags but from what I've seen in the past, i feel like her bags are too bulky for me. they do come in the most neutral colors though and seem like a bag that will go with just about everything.
  11. I don't own her bags... but I own a pair of shoes by Betsey Johnson! They look just like platform Loboutin's, but they have HOT PINK on the soles rather than red. So cute! Love her fun stuff.
  12. I have that bag in black...I like Betsey Johnson, she's fun. But I do like to mix it up a bit.
  13. I got that bag in both colors when Bloomies had their 40% off sale too....guess I will just have to wait and see them in person, as I have never owned a BJ bag. Maybe I will take a peek at Nordstroms on Saturday and decide whether to cancel.